Love Swallowed

By Lady Nzima


When the love of power is swallowed whole
__by love
memory of egos’ and this is mine
you betta get yours will rest in peace
sisters from all wombs
and hoods will birth
realness and truths lettin go
foolish conveniences

The sky will witness
the unseen
Black women
like neva before

Sashay uncrooked
unbent walks
with the I got this
twist on harlem blocks
clearing ghosts from throats
webs from self assembly
and exist
exist in around open free spaces
on the edges of everything

The taste of water
will run down throats differently
jail cells bars would be
flipped to schools
and make it easy Mary Jane
tote and pass cafes

Black lives matters signs
would be arrows
not murals
pointing to both Carolinas

Georgia Peach women wearin gardenias
tucked in nappy red n black fros
Nina Simone Mississippi goddam be
oh Gods’ n Amens’
Tulsa Oklahoma rich soil growing up
fresh Black Wall Streets