The Dust Bunnies Take Camp Farmingdale

by Jay Délise

You too young to be here
God messenger

Brown, round, little-bit

You goodwill shopping
Blue ring around your mouth
Scared of heights no-more

You friendship bracelet
Business woman

Pop star emerging

Back of the bus riding

Trading Post couponer

Talking until
The battery of your
Hand-me-down Nokia
Burns hot as the sun
Little Brown Girl

They’ll call me when you’re not there
And I’ll pretend we’re sisters
Suspend the disbelief that this much
Cheetahliciousness, could happen twice
In the same universe

We’ll write each other’s names over our hearts
Save each other from sharks in the pool
Laugh this hurt off our bones

I never got the chance
To say goodbye to you but
I hope your laughing now
Somewhere nestled in the sheets
Of your california king
The one you always wanted
Planning to send me flowers
After your first big movie deal