NYWC Workshops

Workshop registration goes live Wednesday, May 15 / 7 p.m. ET

NY Writers Coalition’s free virtual creative writing workshops offer community and art where writing experience is not necessary, and where writers of all levels of experience are welcome. Our work amplifies the voices of historically unheard and under-resourced individuals in our society, and we welcome people of all backgrounds.

Our workshops are based on the Amherst Writers and Artists method developed by Pat Schneider and are led by experienced, trained workshop leaders. Each week, participants will write a piece in response to optional prompts provided by the leader. You can write any genre and use this time however suits you best—to journal; make a to-do list; write a letter; create a poem, stories, essays, plays, or rants—or anything else that inspires you.

After the writing time has elapsed, participants have the option—although they are not required—to share their brand-new pieces. Those who choose to share will receive positive, supportive feedback; we do not critique brand-new writing because the writer has not yet had a chance to revise it. It is also assumed that all writing done in the workshop is fictional. These guidelines ensure that participants feel safe to write and read aloud even the most vulnerable material.

These writing workshops require a commitment of five or six weeks. If you are unable to commit to that timeframe, please do not reserve a space as your ticket purchase is transferrable but non-refundable. Additionally, please read our workshop guidelines and community agreements before registering for this or any other workshops.

6-Week Creative Writing Workshop With Michael Cooney (Free)

Wednesdays, May 22 – June 26
6 – 8 p.m. ET

6-Week Creative Writing Workshop With Takiyah Jackson
Price: $300

 Sundays, May 26 – June 30
5 – 7 p.m. ET

Takiyah’s group this cycle is a fundraising workshop; proceeds will go toward NY Writers Coalition’s spring fundraiser to keep our work alive in the face of significant challenges. VISIT THIS PAGE for full details about pricing, including discount codes and scholarships, or email workshops@nywriterscoalition.org to inquire about payment plans.



Michael offers a welcoming space for every kind of writer. You will be free to experiment with any genre that appeals to you: poetry, fantasy, realistic fiction, creative non-fiction, and dialogues.


It took a full lifetime before Takiyah would be able to identify herself as a writer. NYWC helped her find a writing community and so it must be said she is deeply grateful for the opportunity to write with everyone that shows up in one of her workshops. For her, it’s about community and co-creating a safe space to write.

Takiyah’s style was born out of a belief in the power of words along with the stories they tell. She often gets her prompts or workshop ideas from texts she’s read and remembered throughout the course of her healing journey. She receives the honor of being a safe space that allows others to bring their healing journeys to the page. That being said she is a big fan of the workshop guideline “treat the work as fiction." She “overstands” the importance of ensuring emotional distance between the writer and their work. When not facilitating writing workshops for NYWC and or writing, she is focused on her work and, most importantly, on helping her son find his way through this beautiful yet tricky world.

About NY Writers Coalition 

NY Writers Coalition (NYWC) is one of the largest community-based creative writing programs in the world. We partner with public and private institutions, social service agencies, and social justice organizations to provide unique, empowering ongoing weekly creative writing workshops throughout New York City. Our workshops are particularly targeted toward under-served people, including youth, seniors, women, LGBT communities, people living with disabilities, people who are incarcerated or formerly incarcerated, or others with specialized needs. Writers participate in NYWC’s readings and their work is published in NYWC’s publications. If you would like to make a donation in support of NYWC, please click here.