Interview with Reflections Journal

NY Writers Coalition Founder & Executive Director Aaron Zimmerman was recently interviewed by Reflections Journal for their Fall/Winter 2018-2019 issue.

The interview chronicles the history of NYWC, from our very first writing workshop at the Prince George to our numerous outreach and public workshops throughout the city and their impact on the communities we serve. It’s an incredibly thorough interview that summarizes what NYWC is all about as an organization, a space to amplify and empower the voices of individuals from underrepresented communities. As Aaron said, “We believe that writing changes lives and that telling our stories is a basic human need….writing is a lifelong process, and most people benefit from some form of ongoing support in community…some of our writers get their work published, participate in readings, and join the broader literary community. Others have returned to school or used writing as a daily practice to support their path to sobriety, better mental health, or new jobs. Some people show up once and have a couple of hours of community and peace in otherwise chaotic lives. We welcome any possible benefits that people get out of writing with us.”