Summer Virtual Youth Program (Journal)

Virtual Youth Program

In the summer of 2020, we launched a necessary extension of our annual Fort Greene Park Summer Youth Program—virtually! Please find the words of the young voices from our Virtual Youth Program below.

Johnny’s Toilet Adventures

by Xavier N, age 10 Johnny loves his house. It is a mansion with 15 bedrooms, a huge kitchen, a…

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The NYC Cooking Competition

by Xavier N, age 10 It is the NYC Cooking Competition. Each Chef has 20 minutes to cook their favorite…

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2020: A Haiku

by Xavier N, age 10 Staying home too much Driving each other crazy Just leave me alone

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The Perfect Color

by Keira E, age 11 In my opinion the Perfect color is blue, As in the spectacular sky, And the…

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Christmas Death

by Noah M, age 11 Twas' the night of Christmas. I fall asleep only to hear something in my closet.…

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Video Game Influence

by Noah M, age 11   Went to my Ps4. Played and talked to my friends, because you never know,…

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When I Opened the Box

by Kevin C, age 12   One boring summer day, my friend and I decided to explore the woods, midway…

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A Dream

by Adaora O, age 11 It’s like a glowing drop of rain, splashing upon human minds from the sky. It…

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I Didn’t Take the Cookies I Swear

by Rex L, age 11 I didn’t take the cookies I swear They just vanished into thin air! I looked…

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