What’s next? NYWC Youth All-Stars featured in 5×10 Talks [VIDEO]

Watch Atira Barber-Ellis and Mariah Thomas, two young writers featured at Downtown Brooklyn Partnership’s 5×10 Talks to answer “What’s next?”

Unlocking the power and strength of voices shut away

Today the Huffington Post hears from one of our volunteers: NYWC Workshop Leader Colleen Pierce Breslin: “Faith takes many forms. I find it at our Thursday writing table and my fellow writers teach me how to keep it alive.” Read her essay here.

NYWC Workshop Leader featured on Litro

Read NYWC Workshop Leader Melissa Tombro’s essay on Litro Magazine.

Iniko & Anberlin sing us a story

Congratulations to Iniko Thornell, whose poem “Big Brother” was featured on NYWC’s Sing Me a Story page and made into a song by Warped Tour band Anberlin. Check out the music video, recorded on the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus.

Brooklyn Exposed: NYWC one of Brooklyn’s best workshops

You can always find love in Brooklyn. NYWC drop-in workshops at 80 Arts and Brooklyn Public Library are among the best writing workshop opportunities in the borough according to Brooklyn Exposed.